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About Us


  Searching for a new horse can be an exciting, yet at times, a daunting task.  It is very important for a prospective buyer to understand the environment our horses are raised in and how they are cared for. Further support in making the transition to a new home and new person is another aspect we take active interest in. 

  At Casa do Noble, we utilize over 30 years of successful breeding, training and matching up buyers with new partners. Having a close relationship with each and every horse we raise, we can help you get to know our horses to see if they will fit your personality and needs.

  We place a lot of emphasis on our mares, as they raise the foals, teach them how to view not only the world around them but humans as well. Our mares are our Queens and are treated as such. From making sure conception is non-stressful, through pampered pregnancy and a safe, comfortable environment to have their foal. Our mares are calm, relaxed and set good examples for their foals. 

 Over the course of 2023 we will be in the process of moving our operation from Georgetown, Texas to our new home in Aiken, South Carolina. So keep an eye on our sales horse locations as they will be slowly moving over!

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Breeding and Raising



The Lusitano Breed


Finding the Perfect Match



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