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Our horse are carefully bred and brought along with the focus on forever homes with dedicated amatures and discerning professionals.  We raise them naturally, as they should, being brought up in balanced herds.  Their minds develop an adaptability and nimbleness to quickly access new situations.  Being in a natural herd allows them to acquire language skills for communication that later on assists us with training and behavior development.   


At Casa do Noble, we bring our horses along with age appropriate handling.  From the gentle introduction to the halter, a foundation in handling for routine care, to the slow introduction to the saddle and rider; our horses have the care and time it takes to create a willing and well adjusted partner. 

Having bred, trained and sold over 100 of our own horses all over the world, we have a keen sense to matching our horses with new forever homes.  We take pride in knowing our breeding stock very well as we are part of those foals lives from day one all the way through saddle training and beyond.  We know every hair on them; all their quirks and preferences along with their unique horsonality that makes them who they are.  Casa do Noble would welcome those special buyers who wish to own a piece of our heart and join our equine family. 



Casa do Noble takes in a small amount of outside training horses yearly.  Our training is based on Academic and Classical principles and focuses on slow, methodical methods that prepare the horse for each next new step.  We specialize in developing a young horse in their education, along with rehabbing a horse who needs to refocus their training or rebuild their bodies in correct balance and self awareness. 

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